Community Standards

As of January 1, 2020, ONLY the forms listed below and in the Orchard Creek Lodge will be accepted. All prior versions of the forms are obsolete. Don't forget your application must include both the Application form with Checklists and required exhibits attached, along with a color photo of your home and yard. If you are a non-resident of Sun City Lincoln Hills and would like to obtain a form, please contact the Community Standards Department. If you need a plot plan, contact Community Standards at 916-625-4008 or 916-625-4009, or contact the City of Lincoln by email at [email protected] or call 916-434-2470.

Be sure to sign and date your ARC Application form and Checklists, attach any supporting documentation, and deposit two sets into the ARC Drop Box in the resident center next to the main desk at the Orchard Creek Lodge. One set will be placed in your property file (ARC copy), and the other will be returned to you for your records (Resident copy).

The ARC meets twice a month at 9:00 a.m. on the second and fourth Mondays (except December). Your application must be listed on the agenda for it to be reviewed. The deadline for submission is 2:00 PM on the prior Monday before the ARC meeting.
ARC applications that are missing forms will be returned before the meeting and will not be reviewed until all required forms are included. Paint Applications are reviewed every Thursday afternoon (attendance is unnecessary), and Solar Applications are approved as needed.

For information on the application process, see the ARC FAQs. If you have any questions, contact the Community Standards Coordinators at 916-625-4008 or the Community Standards Manager at 916-625-4006.


How to Prepare a Complete ARC Application

ARC Application Form

ARC Notice of Completion All Improvements

ARC Resubmission Form

Checklist 01 Accessory Dwelling Unit

Checklist 02 Home Additions

Checklist 03 Arbors

Checklist 04 Artificial Turf

Checklist 05 Awnings Drop Shades

Checklist 06 Cameras Video Surveillance

Checklist 07 Courtyard Walls Gates

Checklist 08 Doors Garage Doors

Checklist 09 Equipment Machinery

Checklist 10 Fence Gate Wood

Checklist 11 Fence Gate Wrought Iron

Checklist 12 Fence Gate Pet Barriers

Checklist 13 Fire Pits Ext Fireplaces Built in BBQs

Checklist 14 Flagpoles Freestanding

Checklist 15 Fountains Water Features

Checklist 16 Gazebos

Checklist 17 Generators Permanent

Checklist 18 Handrails

Checklist 19 Hardscape

Checklist 20 Landscape

Checklist 20 A Landscape (Trees)

Checklist 21 Lighting Exterior

Checklist 22 Patio Covers

Checklist 23 Pergolas

Checklist 24 Plant Containers Permanent Planters

Checklist 25 Pools Spas

Checklist 26 Solar

Checklist 27 Temporary Shade Structures

Checklist 28 Trash Enclosures

Checklist 29 Trellis

Checklist 30 Walls Exterior

Checklist 31 Yard Decorations

Checklist 32 Other-Improvements

Governing Documents for Non-Residents/Contractors/Realtors

Compliance Certificate Request Form


Work Exempt from Building Permits

City of Lincoln Requirements for Residential Streets w Diagram

Design Guidelines Requiring a City of Lincoln Permit

Earth Tone Color Chart

Oak Tree Landscaping Limitations

Acceptable Plant List

Drought & Freeze Tolerant Plant

Common Wrought Iron Fence Agreement

Open Space Indemnification Agreement

Satellite Dish Installation Notice

Shared Trash Enclosure Agreement


ARC Paint Application Form


Compliance Complaint Report

Complaint or Concern?

Do you have a complaint or concern? The Community Standards Department encourages residents to fill out a "Complaint Report." The complaint form allows residents to give a description of the concern and assists the Community Standards Department in investigating the issue.

Complaint Report Forms are available at the Orchard Creek Lodge Business Office or click here. Once the form is completed, drop it in the ARC/Compliance Box located in the Business Office. The Community Standards Department will then follow up with an investigation if it is a valid complaint. Status reports are not given by Civil Law. Know that your valid written complaint is in process. Be sure to include a complete description of your concern, along with your name, address, phone number, and email address (if you have one). Due to the limited number of staff and the volume of complaints received, priority will be given to valid written complaints with contact information over anonymous written complaints.

If you have any questions or would like to obtain a form, contact the SCLH Community Standards Department by email at [email protected].